There is one compact cargo van in American that is the best-selling vehicle in its segment. That is the Ford Transit Connect. Actually, this cargo van commands 46% of the market, meaning that if you’re looking for a popular and reliable cargo van, then the Transit Connect is perfect for you. That holds even more truth with the introduction of the 2019 Ford Transit Connect. This model year is bringing with it new driver-assist technologies, unsurpassed capabilities, and even two new drivetrains that include a diesel option. That is a lot of new options, and all of them were added to continue the legacy of this cargo van that has proven its reliability over the years. Whether you need a cargo van for your personal business, or just as a way to more easily help you with a hobby, the 2019 Ford Transit Connect is the perfect choice for you.

What driver-assist technologies come with the 2019 Transit Connect?

No other vehicle in the Transit Connects segment can compete with the driver-assist technologies that are included. Some of these features, that come standard, include a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, a lane keeping system, a blind-spot information system with cross-traffic alert, side wind stabilization and pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection. These aren’t the only important features that come with this cargo van. When it comes to having your own business, it’s important to stay connected, especially with a mobile phone. The Transit Connect, therefore, comes with an embedded 4G LTE modem, which offers Wi-Fi for around 10 different devices. You’ll also find a 6.5-inch floating touchscreen that runs SYNC 3. Furthermore, in order to make sure that you stay connected, there is available wireless phone charging, which is a first for this segment.

What powertrain options come with the 2019 Transit Connect?

This model year is bringing with it three different engine options. These different engines can run on 5 different fuels, which allows for the owner of the Transit Connect to choose which engine best suits their needs. The first engine is the standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder, which is direct injection and comes with Auto Start-Stop. You’ll find this engine paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that delivers impressive around-town performance. One of the other engine options is the 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel, which comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the latest in fuel injection, and emissions control technologies. The last option, which comes with fleets, is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder. The transmission is a six-speed automatic.

What are the capabilities of the 2019 Transit Connect?

The Ford Transit Connect is incredibly popular for a reason, and the 2019 model year is bringing with it all of the capabilities of the past, merged together with future technology. Some of these impressive aspects include dual sliding side doors, a flat load floor that is also wide, flexible cargo-carrying capabilities, and integrated tie-downs and near-vertical walls. You’ll also find that the Transit Connect can tow up to 2,000 pounds when you choose the available tow package. It’s also important with this kind of vehicle to have expert maneuverability, especially since this is an urban-friendly vehicle. For those reasons, the Transit Connect has been perfectly proportioned to create the best turn radius.

Ford has continually created vehicles that are reliable, capable, and offer the latest in driver-assist and powertrain technology. This truly is the perfect cargo van, and you’ll be able to purchase it this coming fall!