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The Low-Down on the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE

The 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE was designed with the eco-conscious consumer in mind. An award-winning hybrid, we’re proud to offer this model in our line-up. What is it that sets the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE apart from other hybrids in its class? Sunset Ford is giving you the low-down on this beloved model in this post.

Intuitive Technology

Technology is a cornerstone in the functionality of this vehicle, evident from the first time you slide into the driver's seat. Running on a lithium-ion battery, the Fusion Hybrid battery employs power-split hybrid architecture. It’s SmartGauge with EcoGuide helps you manage your efficiency and provides real-time information on energy and battery power. It even includes a brake coaching function for added opportunities to improve fuel efficiency.

Spacious Interior

Unlike many hybrids, the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE does not compromise space and function. It’s incredibly spacious interior opens up a world of opportunity for adventure, activity and passenger capacity. Seating in the spacious vehicle is known to be comfortable while providing necessary support.

Sleek Exterior

Designed with style in mind, this hybrid has been known to turn heads on the road. LED signature lighting, blind spot side view mirrors and a wide range of color options offer top-notch safety and aesthetics.

Hybrid-Specific Benefits

Driving a hybrid will not only cut down on our fuel costs, it’s good for the environment. By driving a hybrid, you are taking an actionable step towards reducing pollution with increased fuel efficiency. Its ability to conserve energy will serve you and the environment simultaneously, without any further steps needed from you!

Safety First

Built-in safety features like a backup camera, curtain airbags, knee airbags and electronic stability control contribute added safety measures. A personal safety system, post-crash alert capability and individual tire pressure monitoring are included standard with the 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE, as well.

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The Low-Down on the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE

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