Brake Repair near Me

Brake Repair near Me

Optimally working brakes are necessary for keeping Sumner, Olympia, and Kent, WA, drivers safe on the road. But how can you tell when they need servicing?

Below, you’ll find information and resources about brake repair at Sunset Ford of Sumner. Read on to learn the basics of brake services and how we can help.

Brake Repair near Sumner WA

Do You Need a Brake Repair?

Among the many components in your vehicle, brakes are one of the top parts that you need to keep an eye on to maintain your safety. Fortunately, they send some clear signals when it’s time to get them checked out:

  • You hear a squealing, squeaking, or grinding noise when pressing the brakes.
  • It takes much longer to stop once you start applying the brakes.
  • You feel vibrations either on the steering wheel or brake pedal when braking.
  • The brakes feel soft or spongy, and the pedal sinks to the floor when you press it.
  • Your car pulls to one side when you brake.

These symptoms can result from one or more parts of your brake system, ranging anywhere from the brake sensor to the rotor. It’s important that you get your entire brake system inspected when your vehicle sends you any of these signals.

Our Professionals Will Get the Job Done

If any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above apply to your vehicle, it’s time to schedule a brake service appointment with us. When you come in, our technicians will go through your entire brake system to identify the source of the issue.

The repair might be as simple as replacing the brake fluid or more complex, like putting in new calipers. If you need new parts, our mechanics will only use genuine components to make sure they fit and perform flawlessly.

Schedule a Brake Repair Service Today

Sumner, Olympia, and Kent, Washington, residents are safe drivers. That’s why they schedule a brake repair service when they notice changes in how their brakes feel and sound.

When your brakes start feeling spongy or making squealing noises, contact the experts at Sunset Ford of Sumner. Our service team will get you in and out as soon as possible.

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