Local Spotlight: Half Lion Brewing

Beer From The Tap

When it comes to sampling hops in and around Sumner, WA, it’s hard to go wrong with an easy-drinking craft beer. At Half Lion Brewing, you will find just that—and “The Rugged Luxury of Real Beer.” On this page, you can discover what sets Half Lion Brewing apart, and find out what you can expect from this unique brewery and tasting room.

Half Lion Brewing

WineWhat’s rugged about Half Lion Brewing? For one thing, the tasting room was built out of recycled lumber, old saw blades, and shipping containers.

Born from a memorable night with friends and family—and sparked by a conversation about Great Danes being bred so large in order to hunt lions—Half Lion Brewing is a place where people come together. The brewery and tasting room feature a wide variety of Northwest-inspired ales both on draft and in cans. The dedicated food truck serves up burgers and bar food that pairs perfectly with the beer.

Wine, Dine, & More at Half Lion Public House

At the Half Lion Public House location at the Riverbend Golf Complex in Kent, WA, you will find a full bar and restaurant. Enjoy such house-made cocktails as the Nutty Old Fashioned or HL Bloody Mary, as well as an array of wines.

From deep-fried pickles to Albert’s Amber Chili and Baked Mac and Cheese, the menu incorporates house-made beer, cheese, and specialty sauces like Suntop IPA BBQ sauce.

Explore the World of Half Lion Beer & Hard Seltzer

Hard SeltzerHalf Lion Brewing’s interactive website makes it fun and easy to find out where your favorite cans are sold using their convenient beer locator. Styles range from hazy IPAs to blonde ales and more, all of which draw inspiration from the Northwest region in which they grew.

A couple of popular options include the crisp Elk Camp Kölsch in a brightly-colored can, and the Wildfire Haze Hazy IPA. The Wildfire Haze is a New England-style IPA, and a portion of the proceeds go to supporting the brave wildfire fighters in the area.

Ease Back & Refresh

Looking to try something different? Half Lion Brewing also offers house-made Crystal Clear Hard Seltzer. Each seltzer combines all-natural ingredients to create one delightful bubbly sensation. They come in clear cans, too, so you can see exactly what you’re swigging.

To keep things simple and quickly bring home the goods, you can buy Crystal Clear online and pick it up at Half Lion Brewing.

Cheers to Half Lion Brewing

If you can’t get enough of Half Lion Brewing or want them to help with your next event, reach out to the team to learn about their catering options. You can also show your love by wearing some locally sourced Half Lion Brewing apparel, including hats, flannels, and more.

To keep up with Half Lion Brewing, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Then, round up your crew and head over for a pint of beer or a can of Crystal Clear Hard Seltzer today!